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Do you enjoy a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea? Most people tend to stick to the same type or variety and drink that one day in day out, but it's well worth trying something different occasionally, you may be missing out on a very satisfying tea drinking experience!

For example, one of the nicest green teas I have ever had, is the Japan Genmaicha. This particular green tea is made up mostly of a high quality Japan Bancha leaf, but has the addition of roasted brown rice and tiny bits of popcorn. If you aren't familiar with this tea you might think that a very strange combination, but it works really well together. It has a delicous roasty aroma, and the flavours come together so beautifully, it really is a very pleasant green tea. It's nice to drink at any time of the day.

You dont need to have a teapot or plunger, you can just as quickly make a cup of real leaf tea with something like the Bodum Tea egg or the Agatha's Bester tea filter. Browse our range of fresh leaf teas and see if there's one you haven't tried before!

Written by Sonia Franckin — September 06, 2010


We are a family run business which has been established for over twenty six years. We have become known as the ‘Little Italy' of the Central Coast, and the only place to go for all things gourmet. We specialise in fresh roasting our own brand of best quality Arabica coffee and producing gourmet Italian style take home meals. Enjoy a cappuccino while you browse our extensive range of coffee beans, fresh made pasta, leaf teas, deli goods, cheeses & much more in store