Caesars Coffee and Fine Food™

 Many of our customers ask us what is the best way to store their fresh Caesars' Coffee after purchase. It is a common myth that coffee should be stored in the fridge. Small batch roasted coffee beans like ours are air cooled once they come out of the coffee roaster, which means that they have not absorbed any extra moisture.

Therefore they are a completely dry product, and don't need refrigeration. Keeping your coffee in the fridge can also mean that it will absorb flavours and smells from other items in the fridge, which is never a great idea!

We reccommend storing your coffee (ground or beans) in an airtight container with a good strong seal, out of the fridge. The best possible way of storing your coffee would be in a vacuum container, like the Vacuvin Coffee Storage cannister. It has a pump which you can use to take all of the air out of the container, creating a vacuum packing system.

These special cannisters can be purchased in store at Erina, or here online

Written by Sonia Franckin — February 16, 2011


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