Caesars Coffee Premium Chocolate

June 18, 2019

Our range of premium chocolate is varied and delectable!

We carry a range of dark chocolate and milk chocolate varieties with delicious quality fillings.

Our most popular are preserved Buderim ginger coated in pure dark chocolate and the ever favourite candied orange peel enrobed in dark chocolate. For the milk chocolate fans there are coconut roughs and delicious whole roasted almonds covered in premium chocolate!

Our chocolate coated coffee beans are always a big hit with customers coming into the shop or buying online! These come in three varieties, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and mixed which includes all three types, dark, milk and white and are sure to give you that hit of caffeine!

If your not into nuts, ginger and candied orange peel why not give our range of dark chocolate creams a go? Peppermint, strawberry and walnut make a decadent treat on a cold winters night or as a gift if your visiting friends and family!

Next time you visit in store or online take the time to browse the range and discover a delicious new treat!


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