Bodum Kenya Coffee Press

Easy and quick to make a wonderful coffee!

Caesars Coffee recommends Mocha Supreme for use in Plungers!

3 cup holds 350ml 

A super convenient way to brew coffee!

4 cup 44440.5
  • Here's a very modern interpretation of the classic French press; the brewing mechanism is the same, it's just the exterior that's been updated. If you have a modern decor in your kitchen, this coffee press is going to look so sharp on your table.

It's very easy to use: simply pour in your ground coffee and hot water, stir, depress the plunger after a few minutes, pour and enjoy. This is the method preferred by tasters, too.

Give up bad design for good! With numerous revolutionary patents to their credit and over 100 million customers, Bodum is the world's foremost authority on coffee and tea.

Bodum, a family-owned business with its origins in coffee pots, offers a wide variety of award-winning products designed to make our lives more enjoyable

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