Caesars Coffee™

Bodum Travel Press & 100g Caesars Coffee

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  This pack contains:

1 x Bodum Travel Press and

1 x 100g pre-ground Caesars Blend (A strong blend suitable for use in a plunger/press)

A fantastic solution to enjoying great coffee (or tea) while traveling, on the road or in the office. The Bodum travel press is a high quality accessory featuring:

  • a lid with a water tight seal

  • a closing drink spout

  • a built in press/plunger 

  • thermal design


  1. Unscrew the lid and remove. Put one standard 7g measure of Caesars coffee in the cup.

  2. Pour the boiling water up to the desired level (leave enough room for milk if you want a white coffee/tea)

  3. Place the lid and press back into the cup. Screw the lid on, but don't push the press down

  4. After brewing time (approx. 2 mins), slowly press the plunger down

  5. Open the drinking spout and pour milk in if required. Close the spout and off you go!

  6. Unscrew the lid and wash ready to use the next morning



Over thirty years of excellence in the coffee business is reflected in our specialised blends of Arabica coffee from around the world. Try some today to experience the full bodied flavour and irresistible aroma only found in Caesars Coffee