Caesars Coffee™

Caesars Coffee® Easy Serve Espresso Coffee Pods

Caesars Coffee medium roast Espresso Blend, pre-ground Pods, sealed into individual packets. Ideal for:

  • offices
  • client areas
  • hairdressing salons & shops
  • no mess areas
  • inexperienced staff 

Must be used in espresso machines marked with the
E.S.E logo (Easy Serving Espresso). Some ESE
compatible machines are the Saeco Via Venezia
and the Vice Versa Koala (both using the supplied
pod attachment).

Now also suitable for these machines:
Sunbeam Cafe Series EM6910 and Artista EM5900
espresso machines!



Over thirty years of excellence in the coffee business is reflected in our specialised blends of Arabica coffee from around the world. Try some today to experience the full bodied flavour and irresistible aroma only found in Caesars Coffee