Caesars Coffee and Fine Food™

Macadamia Chocolate, Irish Cream & Caramel Fudge 250g packs - Save 10%

Freshly roasted gourmet 100% Arabica Coffee Beans by Caesars Coffee® 

A special pack combined to give you a bonus 10% off (for online sales only!)


1 x 250g pack Macadamia Chocolate flavoured coffee
1 x 250g pack Irish Cream flavoured coffee
1 x 250g pack Caramel Fudge flavoured coffee

Blend Descriptions...

Macadamia Chocolate: popular flavoured coffee with a nutty, chocolatey aroma and flavour. Irish Cream: a medium strength blend flavoured with delicious Irish Cream, ideal for after dinner. Caramel Fudge: delightful aroma, caramelly and creamy.



We are a family run business which has been established for over twenty six years. We have become known as the ‘Little Italy' of the Central Coast, and the only place to go for all things gourmet. We specialise in fresh roasting our own brand of best quality Arabica coffee and producing gourmet Italian style take home meals. Enjoy a cappuccino while you browse our extensive range of coffee beans, fresh made pasta, leaf teas, deli goods, cheeses & much more in store