Macadamia Chocolate, Irish Cream & Caramel Fudge 250g packs - Save 10%

Freshly roasted gourmet 100% Arabica Coffee Beans by Caesars Coffee® 

A special pack combined to give you a bonus 10% off (for online sales only!)


1 x 250g pack Macadamia Chocolate flavoured coffee
1 x 250g pack Irish Cream flavoured coffee
1 x 250g pack Caramel Fudge flavoured coffee

Blend Descriptions...

Macadamia Chocolate: popular flavoured coffee with a nutty, chocolatey aroma and flavour. Irish Cream: a medium strength blend flavoured with delicious Irish Cream, ideal for after dinner. Caramel Fudge: delightful aroma, caramelly and creamy.


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