Caesars Coffee and Fine Food™

Zyliss Hot Mug Travel Set

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 This pack contains:

1 x Zyliss travel press mug

1 x 100g pre-ground Caesars Blend
(A strong blend suitable for use in a plunger/press)

A fantastic solution to enjoying great coffee (or tea) while traveling,
on the road or in the office. The Zyliss travel mug is a high
quality, sturdy accessory featuring:

  • a built in press/plunger
    (no lid, it resembles an open mug)

  • thermal design

  • Choice of Black or Blue 


    1. Gently remove the inner press. Put one standard 7g
      measure of Caesars coffee in the cup.

    2. Pour the boiling water up to the desired level
      (leave enough room for milk if you want a white coffee/tea)

    3. After brewing time (approx. 2 mins),
      slowly press the plunger down

    4. Add milk if required

    This would make a great gift! Why not team this item up with 
    some fun chocolates and fresh leaf tea



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