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Cinque Terre, Mocha Supreme & Macadamia Chocolate - Save 10%

Freshly roasted gourmet 100% Arabica Coffee Beans by Caesars Coffee®

A special pack combined to give you a  
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1 x 250g pack Cinque Terre New Year Blend
1 x 250g pack Mocha Supreme
1 x 100g pack Macadama Chocolate flavoured coffee pre-ground

Blend Descriptions...

Cinque Terre New Year Blend:
A complex blend of five (cinque) high quality Arabica varieties,
from five different lands (terre).
A full flavour, rich crema and elegant finish.

Mocha Supreme: a medium strength blend with a full flavour and creamy finish

Macadamia Chocolate: popular flavoured coffee with a nutty, chocolatey aroma and flavour



Over thirty years of excellence in the coffee business is reflected in our specialised blends of Arabica coffee from around the world. Try some today to experience the full bodied flavour and irresistible aroma only found in Caesars Coffee