Caesars Coffee and Fine Food™

Our History

Caesar and Frances Franckin have a long history of good taste. Both of Italian background, Caesar's grandfather was the founder of the first commercial pasta factory in Australia, and Frances' Italian mother has influenced many of her recipes and products sold in the shop.

After selling out of the liquor industry, they saw a need for fresh pasta, gourmet food and roasted coffee on the Central Coast so Caesar and Frances started the business in 1985 as Erina Gourmet Centre. What began as a small business at home slowly grew into a small factory at Erina. People soon started to recognise Caesars as a gourmet heaven, with fresh roasted coffee and a small range of fresh pasta and sauces.

Their two daughters, Lara and Sonia both started working full time with the business and not long after it became obvious that they had to move to a larger shop, as Frances was adding many more new lines and the coffee side of the business had grown immensely. The new store was opened on May 1, 2000 at The Entrance Road, in a purpose built three level building, with custom designed kitchens and coffee roasting plant.The business name was changed to 'Caesars Coffee & Fine Food' as over the years everyone had come to know the business as 'Caesars'. Caesars is the place to go for gourmet food & coffee on the Central Coast


Our Vision

Our aim is to provide the best quality gourmet food and coffee on the Central Coast, produced in a super clean establishment, up to date in hygiene, safety requirements and staff training. Our motto has always been 'Taste the Difference' because when you try our gourmet food and coffee, you really can taste the difference between home made style and large commercial products. We don't add any artificial additives, preservatives, flavours or MSG so you can safely serve it to your family. We don't take short cuts on quality.

As a family, we love our work, and are happy to provide customers with exceptional products. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to e-mail or telephone. We will be pleased to help you.


222 The Entrance Road, Erina, NSW 2250

Tel: 02 43651988

Awards Won

2006 Best Gourmet Food & Delicatessen Central Coast

2007 Best Gourmet Food & Delicatessen Central Coast Truelocal

2007 Best Fresh Food & Beverage Central Coast Truelocal

2009 Best Fresh Food & Beverage Central Coast 

2010 Restaurant & Catering Savour Australia Awards for Excellence - Honourable Mention Coffee shop/Tea house Central Coast

2011 Restaurant & Catering Savour Australia Awards for Excellence - Honourable Mention Coffee shop/Tea house Central Coast

We are featured in:

The SMH Good Food Guide 2011
The Foodies Guide to Sydney 2011



"I am a long-time customer of Caesars Coffee & Fine Food having come since well before the new building. I am also a long distance customer of Caesars Coffee & Fine Food as I make all my orders on the phone from Melbourne. I do this for two reasons. Firstly their Gourmet Supreme coffee and Orange Pekoe (unbroken) tea are second to none. Secondly, everyone at the shop is so friendly and helpful and make it easy for me to buy on mail order. Thank you Caesars!"
Barbara, VIC


"I live in Leichhardt half of the week and in the Lower Hunter for the other half. Now living in Leichhardt is really great foodwise and especially if like me you have lived in Italy you are totally spoilt for all the must have ingredients for your cooking. So when it comes to buying all those wonderful goodies to make your guests just drool with anticpation there is nowhere else on the Central Coast unless you fancy the trip to Leichhardt or Haberfield or maybe David Jones Foodhall in Sydney, that will fulfill your needs for the best quality food etc that you need to make all your dishes so extra special. Head on down to Caesars you will never be disappointed they are the greatest and the only ones on the Central Coast worthy of your patronage. Visit them and experience quality."
Lin, Leichhardt, NSW


"Caesars Coffee and Tea are so good that we import them to Melbourne! Yes, we telephone and order their Mocca Supreme coffee and Unbroken Orange Pekoe tea in kilogram lots. They always come in sealed packages so they last well. There's nothing like it down here. Of course when we are in Erina we call in and chat to Caesar, Sonia and the rest."
Barbara and Denis, VIC


"Australia's only place for coffee for 19 years!" Michel, Matcham NSW


"I have been a regular Caesars customer for more than 13 years, but being a Scotsman, I don't like going there as I always spend lots of money on wonderful food and coffee. Quality is always A1. It's my kind of shop. Everyone is friendly, helpful and you all make it fun to shop. It is very difficult to say which is my favourite coffee blend as they are all so good."
Gordon, Point Clare NSW

Caesar's blend is our favourite as it is strong enough for us and not at all bitter. It is a very pleasant and comfortable shop. The staff are always pleasant and cheerful. It has a delightful aroma, and we know the produce is the highest quality. We have been customers ever since the business started at Erina many years ago."
Dawn & Harry, country NSW

"Caesars is the epitome of a Central Coast business - a mix of modern style, traditional food and, above all, a friendly atmosphere. No wonder Caesar and Frances have been successful for so long! Caesars is not only a fun place to eat and meet friends, but I love spending time discovering new goodies on the shelves. There seems to be something new every week.
Mocha Supreme is our favourite, it is a good blend that is strong enough to refresh without tasting bitter."
Trevor, Point Clare, NSW

"Not only are they the "Little Italy" of the Central Coast, but they are the Central Coast's best kept secret as well. Central Coast Tourism should make Caesars Coffee & Fine Food an official tourist attraction as it unofficially already is. The very best
gourmet food, coffee to rave about and service that makes you feel like you're family. Make sure you visit!!"
Daniel, Central Coast, NSW


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We are a family run business which has been established for over twenty six years. We have become known as the ‘Little Italy' of the Central Coast, and the only place to go for all things gourmet. We specialise in fresh roasting our own brand of best quality Arabica coffee and producing gourmet Italian style take home meals. Enjoy a cappuccino while you browse our extensive range of coffee beans, fresh made pasta, leaf teas, deli goods, cheeses & much more in store