Grind Guide

Not sure which grind to choose? Take a look at this Grind Guide to help you determine the correct choice.

Choose Beans:

  • if you have an automatic espresso machine with a built in grinder
  • if you have your own grinder



Choose Espresso or Stovetop Percolator:

  • if you have an espresso machine with a group handle and no built in grinder
  • if you use an Italian style stovetop percolator



Choose Plunger or Dripulator:

  • if you are going to use a plunger
  • if you are going to use an electric percolator or dripulator
  • if you are going to use filter papers to drip the coffee through
  • if you want ground coffee for a travel press




Other Grind types:

Contact us by e-mail or telephone if you place an order and need a different grind. Some examples of other grinds include:
  • Turkish (a fee for this superfine grind is applicable for quantities larger than 250g)
  • Custom - some of our regular customers have a custom grind for their coffee after trialling different grinds and depending on their particular machine. However 99% of customers follow the general guidelines above. Remember, we can't be responsible for any problems with your coffee maker if you choose an incorrect grind. It is reccommended that you choose one of the above.