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Tridosha Sea salt mixes

Tridosha Seasalt mixes 150g packs

Available in five mouth watering varieties:

Native Seasalt - the unique Australian blend of native ingredients
to sprinkle on any seafood, or chicken dish. Also great for gifts
to overseas friends

Citrus Siam - a fresh light blend of lemon grass and sesame
to sprinkle on seafood or chicken

Chilli Bayou - baby chilli pepper and sun-dried tomato blended
to create the best pepper steak, chilli prawn, stir fry or french fries


Indian Summer

Tridosha Salt of the Sea is a balance of ingredients from the earth and the sea.
Tridosha uses all natural ingredients to blend Australian sea salt, cracked
peppercorns and a world of herbs and spices.

Located in the Australian Northern New South Wales area of Byron Bay,
in the beautiful hinterland village of Bangalow, Tridosha creates glorious
handmade gourmet salt and pepper blends that not only look beautiful
but are the perfect pantry essential.




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